Scratch Program – First Name Program What was surprising about the activity? I think something that was surprising about the activity is the simplicity of the program. What new blocks did you learn in this project? To be honest, I didn't really learn any new blocks during this project. When do you feel most creative? I think I feel the … Continue reading Scratch Program – First Name Program


Computer Infographic Project

power suppl What is the difference between the RAM memory and Hard Drive? There are many differences between RAM memory and the hard drive, one of them is that RAM is volatile memory, meaning that once power to the RAM is cut, all the information will be lost. Hard drive memory on the other … Continue reading Computer Infographic Project

Organizing a Human Computer Reflection Blog Post

  What did you learn about computers from this project ? Throughout lesson 1, I learned that computers are very complex and contain many vital parts just like the human body. When we were organizing human body parts with computer parts, there was a correlation between human body parts and computer parts. For example, the heart was … Continue reading Organizing a Human Computer Reflection Blog Post

CSC Course – 2/4/17

Professor: Ayman Zeidan Email: Chapters 1-6 Exam 1: covers chapters 1-2 Exam 2: covers chapters 3-4 Final: covers chapters 1-6   Java History -1991, Green Team started by Sun Microsystems -*7 handheld controller for multiple entertainment systems. -There was a need for a programming language that would run on various devices. -Java (first named … Continue reading CSC Course – 2/4/17